FOTOTREFF #41 – TALK Photobook Strategies & SHOW + TELL Photobook-Walk

FOTOTREFF #41 – TALK Photobook Strategies & SHOW + TELL Photobook-Walk

Photography and book format can complement each other in many creative ways. From self-published zines to artist’s books in very small editions to elaborately produced splendid volumes, the sequenced, bound, reproduced images have a special fascination for authors and audience. At FOTOTREFF #41 the artist duo Claudio Pogo and Magdalena Wysocka (Outer Space Press) talk with artist, photographer and photo editor Chantal Seitz about their motivation for, experience with and passion for the photobook.

SHOW + TELL – Photobook-Walk
In the second part of the evening, authors, artists, editors and designers present a variety of photobooks of all kinds in our first time ever Photobook-Walk. Come, browse, discuss and be inspired.

Do you do photobooks? Apply in our open call and present and discuss your publications with the FOTOTREFF audience at the Photobook-Walk of FOTOTREFF #41.
Deadline for application: June 18, 23:59h.

More info on TALK, SHOW + TELL and open call on the FOTOTREFF Berlin Website.